Your family. Our passion.

The Joy Women & Children’s Community (JWCC) Prapanca was established in August 2004 to deliver the very best in medical care.

The first of its kind, JWCC is a one stop integrated medical clinic that gives total attention to all the needs of both women and children. Besides being a medical center, JWCC also looks after the physical, psychological, educational and emotional needs of the entire family as well.

The clinic is located in a beautiful residential area in South Jakarta. Once inside, a visitor cannot miss the feeling of ease and comfort we offer. A hospitality table is set up in the lounge to allow patients to wait in absolute comfort.

JWCC has state of the art equipment and advanced investigative procedures. No expense has been spared in purchasing the most technologically up-to-date equipment. As a patient you can be assured that you are getting the most advanced investigations and procedures.

Our Services

Your family. Our passion.

Men visit our experienced and discreet doctors for issues related to men’s reproductive health.

The paeditricians in JWCC are highly qualified and caring individuals.

Why Choose JWCC ?

  • Highly qualified & skilled physicians Our Doctors
  • Highly trained, friendly & caring nursing staffs
  • Option to send blood and fluid samples to laboratory in Singapore for testing
  • State of the art equipments
  • Breastfeeding / lactation supports
  • 24 hour call service
  • Total confidence in knowing you are getting the BEST!


Checkout All The JWCC Facilities

Qualified and very knowledgeable pharmacists with very high level of experience.

Our playroom is made so the little ones can wait with ease.

Clinic Hours

MONDAY 08:00-17:00
TUESDAY 08:00-17:00
WEDNESDAY 08:00-17:00
THURSDAY 08:00-17:00
FRIDAY 08:00-17:00
SATURDAY 08:00-14:00

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